San Bernardino Community College District Boardroom located at 550 E. Hospitality Ln., Suite 200, in San Bernardino.


Zavala talks about his training and the COVID-19 pandemic

Crafton Hills College paramedics alumnus Gabriel Zavala (Photo by Erick Zambrano/SBCCD).

Dr. Scott W. Thayer, Interim President of San Bernardino Valley College. (Photo by Erick Zambrano/SBCCD)

From left: Amanda Edwards and Quintus Cerrillo, both Crafton Hills College health science graduates, who now have successful careers in nursing.

Governor Newsom and Legislature approve funding for San Bernardino Community College District in 2021–22 state budget.

Concept illustration of San Bernardino Valley College’s future workforce training hub (interior and exterior).


Incoming Student Trustees will voice the students’ perspective as Crafton Hills College and San Bernardino Valley College return to in-person learning on August 16.

Lauren Ashlock (left), 19, will represent Crafton Hills College, and 19-year-old Elena Sanchez Paez will represent San Bernardino Valley College on the San Bernardino Community College District Board of Trustees. Erick Zambrano/SBCCD

SBCCD Chancellor-Designate Diana Z. Rodriguez. Photo by Erick Zambrano/SBCCD.

Important Message to Students, Faculty, and Staff

As we look ahead, there is good news to report about our Fall 2021 plans. Given the decline in cases and vaccine eligibility for anyone 16 years or older, we are planning a safe return to campus for the Fall semester with in-person classes.

Your Health and Safety Continues to be Our Priority

First college district in SoCal to pilot training program with roots in California’s 2018 wildfires

Jesus Romero, left, and Boaz Van Huekelem graduated from SBCCD’s 200-hour training program to enter one of California’s most hazardous jobs.

SBCCD Colleges

San Bernardino Community College District opens doors of opportunity for 20,000 students at Crafton Hills College & San Bernardino Valley College.

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