Tyrone Ross traded football for academics. He is not sorry.

“I had a lot of growth at Crafton Hills College”

Crafton Hills College alumnus Tyrone Ross. (Erick Zambrano/SBCCD)

“I would like to get them out in the world, to conventions, to art museums, to sermons, to big cities like New York, Miami, Houston, and show them what’s cool in this country.”


“Mentors changed my life. I had a African American advisor who gave me a blueprint for how I can get through community college and transfer to a four year school. I want to pay that forward.”


You are who you hang around with. If you see people around you who can come up with brilliant ideas for the school, you learn, you can do that too. There were a lot of smart people on student senate.”


“When people think of an African American male, I want to give them a good impression. I want them to see success.”

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